Virtual Reality

With the Gamezbus you can see the future with our Virtual Reality Experience including PlayStation VR & Virtual Reality Headsets with smart phones. With the latest games to enjoy why not try this Virtual Reality Experience.


PlayStation VR

See the future with Virtual Reality.

See hyper-real 3D environments come to life with a custom OLED screen.

360 degree vision - Whichever way you turn the 360 degree immersion of PS VR makes you part of a living, breathing world with a seamless field of view.

3D audio Discover a new dimension in sound with cutting-edge 3D audio that lets you accurately perceive the direction and distance of sounds that are coming from above, below and all around you.

Virtual Reality Headsets

This VR Headset uses a Smartphone to enable you to explore new worlds and games. A quick time out from real life, there is something for everyone.

Hipster man in denim shirt wearing virtual reality goggles. Studio shot on white background