Parking Restrictions

Please note it is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure a suitable parking space is available to park  Gamezbus. Please see our terms and conditions for more information.

The Gamezbus dimensions are:           length 7.6m      width 2.5m       height 2.8m

Gamezbus Requirements

A suitable parking bay or suitable driveway with no restrictions.

The Parking Length required is approximately two & a half car spaces in length ( Gamezbus Length is 7.6m)

If a driveway is used, there must be enough room for the bus to turn in to the driveway without causing damage to public property, the driveway or Gamezbus.

Require access to a standard electric plug socket within 50m from the parking space, unless a generator is required ( Additional Fee )

A clearing on the left-hand side of the bus for passengers to board on and off safely

Gamezbus Restrictions

Gamezbus cannot be:

  • parked on a yellow line or red line
  • block any foot paths or access for motor vehicles or pedestrians
  • be parked anywhere where it is at risk of being issued a penalty
  • parked on a main road where it or the passengers could be at risk.
  • parked on a main junction or anywhere where it may be obstructing traffic.

If any fees are to be paid for parking, this must be covered by the hirer.

Any extension leads used must not cross any roads or main foot paths which could result in a hazard for vehicles or pedestrians.